Wednesday, August 29, 2012

We're Moving (backwards) on the Immigration Front

It's a well-known fact: I just don't get Immigration.
I was great at dealing with adoption agencies, organizing home-study appointments and fingerprints, finding out how to go about the next step of the process, gathering documents and sending everything off in time.
But the Immigration process is waaayyy above my head!

I have received an email, this week. It is addressed to my child. They call him/her " ", since we don't know what the first name is.
The email states that the sponsorship approval was received in Colombo. It then lists several documents that " " is required to send out.
Some of those documents are not yet available (birth certificate, adoption order, passport, etc). Others were sent to the Mississauga office with our Application to Sponsor.

And then it asks for these documents to be sent out within 30 days. Hummm... We may not have a birth certificate for our unborn child in 30 days...

I get that the sponsorship for family member can be used to bring people of all ages into Canada. But this letter has a few specifics about adoption. Why didn't they also adjust the last sentence? In fact, there is even a bold and underlined statement that failure to send the documents within 30 days could result in " "'s application being refused.

It's just plain stupid. I hate trying to figure out instructions from Citizenship and Immigration Canada!


  1. I don't get it either. My Part 2 for the citizenship routes wants all sorts of information I don't have until I get a referral and then it expires in 2014! At the rate my agency is working I will be exactly where I am now in 2014! I know of a family that adopted from my country and didn't have Citizenship Part I completed as the adoption proceeded faster than they thought. They ended up going to the consulate in another country, no consulate in my country, and getting a visa for the permanent resident route. They seemed to be able to get this very quickly. Remember you have paid your agency back east good money and somebody there should be able to answer your questions. They have lots of experience with the two processes. I wish there were adoption counsellors and adoption advocates for those of us in this process. It seems so many of us are left to figure out these things on our own!

  2. Wow this is ridiculous! It must be really frustrating for you guys. Citizenship/immigration does seem like the most confusing part so far. You'll get it sorted out!