About Us

We are Gen and Pablo, a couple from the beautiful Rocky Mountains in Alberta. Gen is a French-Canadian, born and raised in Montreal. Pablo is originally from Ecuador, in South America.
We want to adopt a baby from Sri Lanka and this blog tells the story of our journey to adopting our cinnamon baby!

We started this blog because we had such a hard time finding information on adoptions from Sri Lanka. We couldn't find a list of requirements, or how much it costs to adopt. There were no success stories to raise our morale and it was very difficult to find other families going through the same process. So we decided to put our story out there for the next familiy to find an anwer to some of their questions!
If you're wondering how to adopt a baby from Sri Lanka, you have questions about adopting in Canada, you are looking for a way to pass time while you wait on your own adoption or you're just curious about how an adoption story goes, hop along! We've gone though the same!