Monday, October 8, 2012

Another Thanksgiving

It's Thanksgiving week-end again, in Canada.
And since I'm writing this in an airport, on my way back home after a full week with my family in Montreal, I have to say something about them. I am so very grateful that our baby, when she finally comes, will have accepting grand-parents, amazing aunts and uncles and the cutest cousins in the world. We are really lucky that everyone is so anxious to meet our kid.

Each birthday, holiday or milestone we hit is a reminder of how long we've been standing here; how much the whole world is moving and changing and how stuck our life is since we decided to start our family. This is my second Thanksgiving post on this blog... Last year, I was trying to find the silver lining in all the clouds. This year, I want to start creating more opportunities to highlight it. To do this, I'll follow my own advice and plan all sorts of non-baby-friendly activities.
These years are making me stronger and more compassionate. They are giving me tools for survival and I think they'll make me a much better Mom. This is something to be grateful for and, though it's hard to see right now, I know I'll be glad things happened this way, when it's all over.


  1. Happy Thanksgiving Gen and Pablo. I am so grateful for your support and finding you through our blogs. While we can count our blessings now, perhaps next year we can be thankful for the new additions to our family. Best wishes,

  2. Happy Thanksgiving!! I agree with you, these challenges will make us better Moms :) Everything happens for a reason, and who knows, maybe this time next year you will have your little one celebrating with you!

  3. Happy Thanksgiving to you too, ladies!
    It's true that every challenge brings learnings and makes us stronger, but sometimes it's hard to keep this in sight. I guess Thanksgiving is there to remind us of the silver lining :)