Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Some News From Sri Lanka

Well, this is what we have all been expecting for over a year!
We got an email from our agent and, from what I understand, the new rules are out for charity homes to place children internationally! This means that these homes could start referring children again soon. And it means a lot of hope for the families that still have a child in one of those orphanages, waiting for placement!
We do not know what the new rules are exactly and how they will affect number of referrals. As soon as I find out, I’ll post something on my blog.
I believe we should not get our hopes up too much. There is a good chance that children who are already matched will finally get placed with their families. But for waiting families, it’s hard to tell how much slower the process will be with the new procedures. And I don’t know how many new families have joined the list in the last year, so I’m still counting several years for Pablo and I...


  1. Dear Gen & Pablo,
    Thanx to google we found your blog on www.

    GOOD NEWS from your agent!
    We wish you all the best and good luck! We'll keep our fingers crossed and hope that in 2013 your dreams will come true!

    We'd like to send you a private message but could not found a way to do that on your blog!

    Kind regards,
    A ' waiting family ' from The Netherlands

    1. Hi there,
      Thanks for your comment! I assume you are waiting for a referral from Sri Lanka as well? Has your agency said anything about the new procedures?

      It would be great to exchange emails. I you want, you can leave your email address in the comments here. I will contact you.

      If you prefer not making your email address public, there is another way to get in touch with me. It's a bit more work, but your address will not be published to anyone but me:
      Go to CanadaAdopts.com forums and become a member (it's free). Go to the forums page, hit "search" and, in the search by member number field, enter "8982". You should find me there... My username is gebouc. You can then send me a personnal message with your email address. I will email you then.

      All the best,

    2. Hello there,

      Thx for your reply! Yes, you're right, we are also witing for a referral from SL as well!

      We prefer not sharing email in public, so we'll try to contact you on CanadaAdopts.com.

      Grtz from the Netherlands

    3. Let me know if this doesn't work, we'll figure something out...

    4. Hello,

      We tried to become a member, but we didn't receive further instructions to finish te registration... Maybe because of an IP which is not from Canada.

      We'll try one more time.

    5. That's weird... It worked for segodam, in France...

  2. Hi Gen,

    I received the same email. I was calling our agent for weekly update and last Thursday she told me we would get some news this week. I wish there was more news than what we got. In December I was told 15 Canadian couples were waiting to adopt from Sri Lanka and they do not work on a first come first serve basis. I was also told that Canada has an excellent working relationship with the Sri Lankan government and she was hoping things we get sorted out rather quickly like the middle of January. I am hoping we get some good news by the end of February regarding the private orphanages.

    Take Care :)

    1. This is so encouraging! Let me know if you hear anything else from your agency...

  3. Hi Gen,

    I find your blog on Internet, we are french and waiting for an adoption in Sri Lanka. Your are a French-Canadian, so perhaps you speak french? So i try ... Est ce qu'on pourrait échanger par mail en français sur nos parcours? Il y a tellement peu d'information sur l'adoption au Sri Lanka, que j'ai été ravi de trouver un blog sur un couple en attente d'une adoption dans ce pays !

    A 'waiting family' from France

    1. Hi Segodam,
      En effet, je suis Québecoise! J'ai choisi d'écrire mon blog en anglais parce que le programme Sri Lankais n'est pas ouvert au Québec et que la grande majorité des autres familles en attente n'est pas francophone :)

      Je suis contente de lire que mon blog vous est utile. C'est la raison pour laquelle je l'ai créé: il y avait tellement peu d'information sur le sujet sur Internet que j'ai voulu en faire une ressource pour les futurs adoptants!

      Si vous voulez échanger par courriel, vous pouvez laisser votre adresse ici, dans les commentaires.
      Si vous ne voulez pas publier votre adresse email, il existe un autre moyen, plus long toutefois:
      Allez sur www.canadaadopts.com (à ma connaissance, ce site n'est disponible qu'en anglais, ce qui est choquant pour un site canadien... mais bon..) et devenez membre (c'est gratuit).
      Allez sur la page Discuss Adoption et cliquez sur Search. Tout en bas, dans la case Search by Registered Member Number, entrez 8982. Mon nom d'utilisateur est gebouc. Vous pouvez m'envoyer un message personnel avec votre adresse courriel en cliquant sur l'icône avec un crayon. Je vous écrirai.

      À bientôt j'espère,