Friday, September 9, 2011

Home Study Self-Report – Part 1: Personal Description

We have to write the first part of the Home Study Self Report separately. It has lots of questions about your personality, childhood and upbringing. It asks about the health history of your family, the parenting techniques your parents used, your religious beliefs, the house you grew in, your employment history, what you do to relieve stress and much, much more.
And it’s not a form, we’re talking about. Oh no! It’s more of an essay, we have to write!
I have been honest through it all. I have nothing to hide and, although I am not perfect, I doubt they will judge me inapt to raise children because I am uncomfortable with confrontation.
A few good things have come out of it and, once I was done writing my part of it, I was excited for Pablo to read it! It’s not that he doesn’t know me. Sometimes, I think he does more than myself. But it felt oddly satisfying to have put words on so much of myself!
Anyway, here are a few thoughts that this part of process has left me with:
-          I was blessed with an amazing Mom.
-          I love my family very much, and what I call family is much more than those who share some genes with me (although my sister has a really special place in my heart).
-          I can’t wait to watch the Muppets’ Christmas Carol with my kids (it’s my guilty pleasure).
-          I wouldn’t even have dared to ask life to give me a husband that would carry over the one family tradition that I am so attached to. It’s unbelievable that Pablo plays guitar so well!
So far, our Self Report has 5 pages.

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