Wednesday, October 12, 2011

First Home Study Interview

We had our first meeting with the social worker today. It was over at our agency's office, and took about 2-1/2 hours.
Our social worker is this sweet young woman. She has 3 kids. I don't know if she has personally gone through the adoption process, but she told us about a lot of her friends who adopted from many different countries.
All in all, I think it went well. Her questions were mainly stuff we had already covered in the Self-Report.

But for some reason, I found this quite uncomfortable... I guess it's being put under the spotlight that made me nervous. It is, after all, our intimacy we were discussing there. A few times, I felt like the questions were challenging our views and it was uncomfortable.

It's funny how I was fine writing the Self Report, while Pablo got grumpy over the task, and now I'm the one who's all grumpy and Pablo seems all right!

In addition to what was already covered in the Self Report, she asked a lot of questions about the process (specific to Sri Lanka), the kids that are available there and the country itself. She asked what the fee schedule was, what the main religion was in SL, how long we had to travel for, how many families had adopted succesfully from SL into Canada and so on. She wanted to check how much research we had done. I'm glad we asked all those questions to our Ontario agency, and I started reading on the country! I need to ask more questions about the process though.

Anyway, we're a little closer to our goal! Next meeting is on the weekend of the 22nd, at our place... I'm already nervous about it...

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