Sunday, October 23, 2011

Second Home Study Visit

Our Social Worker just left... The second visit was at our place. Since I had found the first interview so uncomfortable, I was awefully stressed out about having her come to our house.
We had tidied up the house. And when I say "tidied up", I mean even the contents of our drawers had been examined... We had made sure that no medication was accessible from a child's perspective, double checked that our smoke detectors worked and opened up our windows for fresh air.

And it went really well!
In fact, she didn't even fully tour the house! She did not open any drawer or cupboard, and we did not have to function the smoke detectors for her. She asked if we had them, asked about the baby's room and accepted a cup of coffee while she quizzed us on our families, our marriage and the town we live in. Most of her questions were already covered in the Self-Report, so it wasn't painful at all. This time, I didn't feel challenged. She even complimented us on our home.

We had researched all the questions she had brought up last time that we did not have answers for. I was glad we did, because she checked!

She brought up a few more interesting questions for us to research. We have to find out if our town offers ressources for parents and kids (from mom and baby swimming lessons to counselling for teenagers). One important thing she made us think about is that we have to check with our insurance company if our child is covered after we have officially adopted him/her but before we come back to Canada. And we have to get a fire extinguisher.

I'm relieved it went so well... It's not that I worried she was going to fail us, but I didn't want to go through the same kind of discomfort I had experienced last time.

Next step: our last interview, on November 2. This one is in Calgary.

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