Monday, January 23, 2012

The Blood Clinic

To donate (in Canada), visit:
Canadian Blood Services
 Today, I learned some pretty sad news. Someone in my extended family has passed away this weekend.
It's bad enough to think that he won't be around, being silly and joking with us, anymore. But I'm also very sad for those who remain. Those to whom he was not extended family. Those are people whom I love very much and who have a golden heart.

Then, this afternoon, I had an appointment to donate blood. And while I sat with the needle in my arm, I thought about how health is everything. If you're worried about your health, how much does anything else even weight? And the effect is still bigger when it's about the health of someone you love.
This person did not need blood in his last moments. But someone else will need the blood that came out of my arm this afternoon. Someone who is going through a real rough patch. Someone whose parents, partners, kids and friends will be deeply worried about.

It was humbling. We have been going through some tougher times, these past few years. But I am healthy and free to push my cross-country skis on the freshly fallen snow when I want to. The man of my life, my mom and sister, my dad, all my in-laws, my dearest friends, even my aging grand-mother are all healthy. They all have this amazing freedom to enjoy what they like most.
True. Life could be easier. The adoption could go smoother.
It could also be so much harder that none of this would have any importance anymore.

I'm glad I gave blood today.

Rest in Peace, Michel. You will be remembered.

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  1. So Sorry to hear about your loss. I hope you and family are doing ok in this trying time. You are in my thoughts and prays.

    P.S. I have not forgotten about you been a busy week here; I will reply to your email tomorrow! Tina