Thursday, January 19, 2012

January - Friends for Adoption

I got a package from Tina, my Friend for Adoption, today!
It's a gorgeous notebook! You can't see it too well on the picture, but the yellow flowers are all glossy and nice :-)
Tina sent a note explaining that she uses a journal to keep inspirational quotes, songs lyrics and thoughts to remember what she's going through. What a sweet idea!
The first entry in my notebook will be the note... Having a friend to share your thoughts in such an emotional time is a real blessing. Tina's note will be a reminder of how the adoption community is a huge source of support in this intense adventure!

I already love this Friends for Adoption thing :-D
If you'd like to sign up, have a look at this previous post, it explains how!
And make sure to visit Tina's blog!

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