Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Pablo's Names Again!

I sure hope this one doesn't come back to haunt us... After having to explain why Pablo doesn't always use his two last names to our provincial government, we just got the same question from our Ontario agency.
Our agent was satisfied with the explanation, but I'm worried it will become an issue once our file is in the hands of Sri Lankan officials, or a judge...

On a more positive note, our agent also said that she is reviewing our file in order to send it downtown for provincial seal and consulate authentication tomorrow! If things go quick, our dossier should be on its way back to the Alberta government on Friday. If not, it'll be early next week.
Things are moving along and I LOVE IT!!!


  1. Hi Gen,
    Just trying to catch up. Why is it coming back to Alberta and not going straight to your country's consulate? Glad to hear things are moving along.

    1. Hi Elizabeth,
      I believe Alberta is the only province with this requirement. Our file has to be sent to our country by their office and no one else!
      Because of the extra step, and after a long break where a lot of files piled up at the agency, this is probably going to put us behind everybody else. But heh! What can you do?
      I hope you're doing well!