Thursday, May 24, 2012

Status Update

Since I am recovering from surgery, I asked Pablo to get me an update on our adoption file... I knew it would help me feel better :-)

So he called and our agent told him that our file was still sitting in her office. It will go to get authenticated both by the Ontario government and the Sri Lankan consulate sometime next week.

I love it when we're moving forward, after the stagnant last few months!

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  1. Hi Gen, As you can tell I've been neglectful in following my blogs. I would have reassured that a GA is not a problem and only to ask for the drugs they can add to it so you don't wake up nausea. I'm a bit late for that now, sorry. So glad your agent is going to the consulate next week. I know she has been away for a few days this week.
    Take care of yourself and get better soon,