Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Baby Steps

Since yesterday, our file has the Ontario seal and Sri Lankan consulate approval on it :-)
That's one more step out of the way.

Our paperwork will be sent to the Alberta government by FedEx today.


  1. Hi There,

    We are also adopting from Sri Lanka - we just finished our homestudy. I love your blog please continue with the great updates!

    1. Hi!
      Thanks for leaving a comment, I love it when I get to know a little bit about who reads this blog :)
      I don't know if you've had the same problem, but we have found it difficult to get in touch with other families adopting from SL. If you'd like to exchange about the process, you can always look me up on the CanadaAdopts forums, if you're a member. Go to the forums page, hit "search" and, in the search by member number field, enter "8982". You should find me there... My username is gebouc. Send me a personal message with your email address, if you like...
      Oh and by the way, congratulations on finishing your home study! It's a big chunk!