Sunday, December 16, 2012

We're Off!

The Holiday season can be the most difficult time of the year when you're waiting to adopt.
In all honesty, I have come to dislike Mother's Day, my birthday, Halloween and New Year's Eve as well. But Christmas is so loaded with childhood memories, and so widely celebrated around here that it has become the time of year that I hate the most.
I believe it's not just the adoption community who feels this way. Christmas is difficult when you have recently lost someone close, when you live away from your family, when you are recently divorced or when illness has stricken your family this year.

I believe that, when life gets a bit rough, you have to do what's necessary to ease the pain. Even if it means not following traditions, or sometimes disappointing others.

So this year, Pablo and I are running away from Chistmas.
We're off to Greece for 3 weeks!
The first week will be just the two of us, on the continent. Then, we're meeting up with Pablo's parents and brother on Crete for 2 weeks.
Of course, we'll miss the rest of the family, and it's sad to give up the traditions that we love. But it's even more sad to follow your traditions when someone so crucial as your own kid is missing. Hopefully it's the last Christmas we have to run away from!

To all, a very happy holiday season! And may your dearest dreams come true...


  1. Have a great trip Gen and Pablo! :)

  2. Dear Gen and Pablo,
    May the warmth and sunshine of the Crete bring a little bit of peace and renewal to your hearts. You write so well and I know all too well your pain. For I feel it too, in my journey. I so want to be a mother and my parents the opportunity to be grandparents. Of all our holidays Christmas seems to be the one most child centred.
    Merry Christmas and best wishes for a healthy, happy and wonderful 2013! Hopefully next year we both have children in our lives with whom to share this wonderful holiday.
    Safe travels,