Thursday, November 3, 2011

3rd Home Study Visit

That’s it! Our third and last meeting with the social worker is done! We met her yesterday at the agency’s office. She went over each our personal histories, from before we were together. It was mainly stuff that was covered into the Self Report, so it wasn’t difficult at all.
At the end, she said that there would be no surprise in her report, that we would pass with high marks. I never thought there could be any reason for them to not approve us, but for some reason, I felt tremendous relief!
So her report should be done for the end of next week. She’ll email it to us for review and approval, before sending it to editing, where it should stay for about 2 weeks. When it’s all nice and ready to go, we will have to go to the agency to sign the final report and they will send it to the Government of Alberta. There, it is supposed to take 4 to 6 weeks for them to approve us. Because that’s going to be during the Christmas holidays, I am expecting a full 6 weeks.
Mid-January seems to be a good estimate of when our approved Home Study can be sent to our Ontario agency...
So now, our goal is to have all the other documents required for the Dossier ready by then... And here goes the documents gathering again!

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