Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Across the Country and Back

The timing wasn't the best. But then again, it's never perfect...
Pablo and I are in Montreal, celebrating my birthday with our friends and family. I'm glad we came, it's great to spend some time with the family, go back to places we used to love when we first started dating and eat at our favorite latino restaurant.
But our Home Study report is ready, we're 4000 km from our agency's office, and our agent is on vacation right now... So we have spent the last week coordinating our report's signature... It has to be signed by our social worker, our agent and both Pablo and I. Thankfully, our agency recognizes how important this is for us, and they rushed the editing of our report so that our agent could sign it before leaving for her vacation. They sent it to my Mom's house, in Montreal, via Purolator. It cost $40, but it was there overnight. Pablo and I signed it over the week-end and we mailed it back to the office in Calgary, for the social worker to sign. It should be there on Wednesday. Once it's signed by everyone, our agency will send it to the Alberta government for approval. In total , it will probably cost us around $150 just in courrier services for the Home Study report. Oh well... at least it's going fast! So far, we're about 1 week earlier than I had planned.

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