Sunday, March 25, 2012

Yummy Curry!

You have to try this Parippu Curry.

It's a recipe from Chamari's blog, again. A vegetarian lentil curry.
It. is. fan.ta.stic!!!

I think it's my favorite out of all the Sri Lankan recipes I have tried so far... We made it tonight, with some rice and steamed asparagus, and a glass of white wine too. It was a wonderful meal!
If you're going to try it, use more lentils than in the recipe. I had the little red lentils, and I had to use 2 full cups to make it work...

Cooking Sri Lankan (or Indian) food requires a few spices you wouldn't have otherwise, but once you've got them all, there are so many different dishes you can make! It's worth it. Really!

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