Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Honest Agent

Did you ever stop and think about how vulnerable expecting adoptive parents are?
They are impatiently waiting for something that's very important to them. That something is tied up to a great emotional load. They have tremendous amounts of money, time and energy invested in this. Add to this that the success of their project depends completely on others (for approvals, match, legalization and so on), and that, for the most part, they have a limited knowledge of how adoption really works, and you can understand why the waiting game is so terribly difficult!
It's a scary thing to think about... Imagine Adoption could have happened to any of us.
In this world, honesty and integrity are pretty valuable...

I phoned our agency in Ontario today, to check if they had any new information. As expected, they hadn't heard anything.
The program is still on hold until further notice...
I won't tell you I'm enjoying this part of our journey very much. But something good is coming out of it: our trust in our agency has grown so much!
We are not registered with them yet, so no fees have been paid. Our agent could very well have talked us into registering with them right away to minimize delays when (if) the program reopens. Instead, she asked that we do not send anything their way until they know for sure that the program is back up. She won't commit to us until she has a better chance of delivering. This means that we still have our money with us and, with it, the freedom to switch countries and agencies, should this situation not resolve by itself.
Our agent has manged this with great honesty and integrity so far, and that's reassuring.


  1. Gen, I applaud you for posting this and thank you for your encouragement after a wicked week. We share the same agency and I can't speak highly enough of them as well. I too haven't been asked to pay anything yet, although I did withdraw the money from my mutual funds back in January in anticipation. My hold-up at the moment is a reference the agency gave me who hasn't got back to me. More on my blog. I guess we can count our blessings to have such a kind, helpful agency in Ontario. I will certainly pay it forward for this agency, especially if I ever become a parent.

  2. Elizabeth,
    I am so glad this post brought a little bit of sunshine in a tough time!