Sunday, March 11, 2012

Our Collection

If you remember, I said a few weeks ago that I wanted to start gathering baby stuff when I find really good deals, to make use of the long wait.
We have found a little space behind the washing machine. It's completely useless, because it's so hard to reach. That's perfect for storing stuff we won't need for another 2 years!

So, just for fun, here is our collection so far:

My sister and brother-in-law gave us a few accessories that they had received in double. My week-old niece didn't seem to mind donating them to her future cousin!

Then, after I returned from Australia, our good friends C. and N. where here with their little X. I just realized I didn't blog about this! They spent a week at our place. It was great!
In addition to spending time with them (which is always a treat), it was awesome to have an 11 months old at home with us, just after spending 2 weeks with a newborn. We asked to be matched with a child no more than 12 months old, so this really gave us a feel for the range we can expect! We now have a better idea of how big or how developed our child could be when we get him/her. We know he could be starting to stand up, but that walking is very improbable. We know that, if we get a child close to 12 months old, she'll need some time to adapt to our language because, even if X. doesn't talk yet, he understands a lot... Also, it was great because X. is formula fed. So we got a crash course on what was needed to feed our baby!
Anyway, I disgress...

When they came here, they brought most of their stuff (stroller, car seat and such). But C. had found a high chair for $25 on Craig's List. So we got it for little X, and now it's part of our collection! It's a pretty sweet one, fully adjustable and all. I looked it up, a new one like this would cost at least $80...

The last bit got here this week. It's a sling that I got for free using an online promotional code given by a friend. I just had to pay shipping. It looks nice, doesn't it?
I don't know how well-designed it is (you really can't know until you've tried it, anyway). But if it is comfortable enough, I think I will enjoy this very much. I'm not a big fan of big, bulky strollers. I think carrying our cinnamon bun against us will be awesome.
So far, that's what we've gathered. Not too bad, if you consider we're not even officially waiting!
I'm keeping an eye on Craig's List, and watching for sales. I usually hate shopping, but this makes me feel a tiny bit more in control. And right now, every once of control is much welcome!

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