Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Little Dragon

I'm getting to know the latest addition to our family. My niece is absolutely, completely gorgeous. All the time. Even when she doesn't smell quite like roses.
She's barely over a week old and still looks quite lost in her world. When she's awake, she looks around with an air of confused awe.
Really, you could say her activities are quite limited... She sleeps a lot, eats a lot and poops a lot. But it's the little things that make her so irresistible: the expressive faces she makes all the time, the way she falls asleep in the middle of her meal and her Mom has to wake her up, her tiny toes, how vulnerable she is when you pick her up...
It's sad that we'll miss these early days with our Cinnamon Baby.
I'm really grateful I get to spend this time with T. And believe me, I'm not worried about me not attaching to my baby! If she's that irresistible, it'll take less than a minute!

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