Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Give the Annessa's a Hand!

Remember Brooke, the waiting Mom who came up with the Friends for Adoption idea?
Her family is going through some pretty intense stuff right now... While they were awaiting a match from Taiwan, they got matched domestically with a tiny little girl!
They sure feel blessed to have this gorgeous angel! Unfortunately, little Adelyn was born premature and she’s still in intensive care. Her parents are staying in a nearby hotel, spending their days with her at the hospital.
What a stressful time!!
While they are worried sick about her health, they have to pay for a much longer stay than they had originally expected... So Brooke wrote a post on her blog about how we can help. I’d really like you all to go have a look. You can also see some pictures of their brave little girl...
If praying is something you do, make sure you leave a comment so they know they are not alone. Even just that would be greatly appreciated, I’m sure.
And why not pack a lunch to work tomorrow and donate the five or ten bucks you save to them?
You can also buy some pretty cool stuff, and the profits will go to Brooke’s family.
It's a great opportunity to give a hand to a fellow adoptive family? After all, we’re all in the same boat!

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