Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Having a baby requires equipment. A whole lot of it!
If you have a 4-stories mansion with a backyard as big as a National Park, this is probably not a big deal for you. 
But we're going to have to decide what we really need and what we can fit in our house without having to throw away our own bed...
So I used my time at my sister's and brother-in-law's to evaluate what I thought was absolutely necessary and what was not.

So, here's what I think you really, absolutely, completely can't live without when you bring your baby home:
     - A crib.
     - Clothes. Lots of them!
     - Some mean of transporting the baby (often a stroller, at least a sling, pouch or back-pack carrier).
     - A car seat.
     - A high chair - you won't need this just yet if you're adopting a newborn, though.
     - Formula, a full set of bottles and teats and cleaning equipment, if you're going to bottlefeed.
     - Baby shampoo, baby skin cream, baby laundry soap
     - Diapers (either washable or disposable) with wipes. Hundreds of wipes. Wait... make that Thousands.
     - Linen for the crib, a little towel and facewash for the bath, blankets, bibs.
     - Basic baby accessories (nail cissors, nose pump, thermometer, etc)

Here is some more nice-to-have stuff:
     - A baby bath - much more comfortable for you than using the sink or the bath.
     - A changing table - again, more comfortable than kneeling on the floor and more convenient than a          countertop.
     - A rocker or bouncer so that baby can be with you without being in your arms.
     - Teething toys, rattles, stuffed toys.
     - Baby books - both cardboard books and plastic books for the bath.
     - A sterilizer for the bottles - quicker than boiling water in a pot.
     - If you choose to breastfeed, a breastfeeding cushion, breast pump and, if needed, a system to complement with formula.
     - A nice diaper bag that you can keep fully furnished and just grab when you're going out.
     - A portable changing mat, and maybe some disposable ones as well.
     - A lifebook - you can make your own, but they also sell adoption books that are a bit like traditional baby books with entries specific to adoption.
     - Pacifiers, if you decide you'd like one.
     - Baby monitors.
     - A freezer full of healthy food to help you keep up with the crazy pace!

And then there's the travel material, too...

I'd like to make an opportunity out of the excruciatingly long wait and try to slowly pick up our baby stuff either pre-loved or on sale. If you buy everything new and without investing too much time in shopping, the bill can go up really quickly!
Having baby stuff at home may be a little difficult, but I'm looking forward to seeing us more as expecting parents. I still haven't discussed it with Pablo though... We'll see what he says :-)

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