Sunday, February 19, 2012


Dear future child,
I hope one day you know this very special and precious relationship that is sisterhood... At first and for a while, you may not always enjoy it. Sisters fight, they sometimes get in the way and they can get on your nerves. But sometimes, you'll be glad she's there. You'll play together and, more and more as time goes, you'll share a good laugh and a few secrets.
Then, one day, you'll realize that you can be really, deeply happy because life is being good to her. And this will be a pure feeling, untouched by jealousy or bias.
And one day, you'll see her shed a tear because you're in a rough patch, although your circumstances really don't affect her directly.
And you'll wonder how you could ever wish you were an only child, as the sometimes difficult relationship will have grown into a strong, true friendship.
That's what sisterhood is. I really wish it upon you!

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