Monday, February 6, 2012

Practical Skills

I've already learned quite a few practical skills, since I got here!
I'm a lot more comfortable holding the little gal. I learned how to swaddle her so she won't scratch her little cheeks, and also how to give her a bath. I still need to get better at changing diapers and dressing her.
I don't yet know how to transpose these new skills to an older baby (ours will be between 3 and 12 months old when we get him/her). But the level of confidence I have gained will make a huge difference. I know I can figure it out, with a few trials and errors.

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  1. Hi Gen,
    Our little one is 7 months and I think if you can handle a tiny new baby, it only gets easier!You've got this! A major difference is now she needs more toys and stimulation to stay still for a diaper change, bath etc. or to occupy herself when we are out and about. Like you said, you'll figure it all out. And remember, other people will offer tons of advice, but you are the one who will know your baby best!