Friday, July 13, 2012

Take a Guess!

When our file made it to Sri Lanka, I sent an email to our family and close friends. Along with our pregnancy (on paper) announcement, I started an unofficial pool.
Just like some couples get their families to try and guess if they’re expecting a boy or a girl, I asked everyone to pick a gender, age at referral and year of referral.
It’s just for fun, there’s no money involved or anything else than the satisfaction of winning... And it makes waiting and dreaming about our kid so much more fun for us!
Take a guess too! Here’s what you need to know:
-          We requested a child under 12 months old. Babies are usually not available before they’re 3 months old.
-          We didn’t specify a gender, but we said that twins were ok.
-          There’s approximately as many boys as girls available in Sri Lankan orphanages, but our agency has received a few more requests for girls than for boys.
-          We started waiting on June 18, 2012. The average wait is about 18 months. The shortest wait our agency has had is 8 months, the longest, 24 months.
You don't have to know us personally to participate. Just leave a comment telling us:
-          Girl, boy (or twins)?
-          How many months old will our baby be when we receive the referral?
-          In what year will we receive our referral?
Whoever is the closest wins!


  1. Hi Gen,
    I'll put in a guess. I think you'll get a referral for twins, one boy and one girl =:) They will be 7 months old and this referral will come in January of 2013.
    Are you writing all of the bets down?
    Love the idea!
    P.S. I so know and understand what you mean about a childless Christmas. I feel so much the same way.

    1. January 2013?!? You're optimistic :-) I sure hope you're right!
      Of course, I'm keeping a list... I'll announce the winner on the blog!

  2. Hi Gen, fun game! I am going to guess an 8 month old girl :)

  3. 5 month old babay boy is my guess and it will be March 2013...