Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Who Will it Be?

As you know, I’m keeping a just-for-fun pool with friends and families (and readers too! Go to this post to participate!).
So far, 19 have voted on our child’s gender, age at referral and year of referral.
On average, we’ll get a referral in 2013 for an 8 months old boy. It’s funny because that was Pablo’s exact prediction J
I have to say that I believe wishful thinking is playing its role here… 2013 is very optimistic. And I’m the only one so far who is predicting a referral past 2013! I guess I should thank everybody for wishing us a quick process! I sure hope it happens this way!
My own personal guess? I say we’ll get a referral for a 4 months old boy in 2014.
And for the record, 4 of our friends and family members think we’ll get twins J

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  1. Hi Gen,
    Good to know some people placed a friendly bet. This post just showed up now on Friday. I think something is wrong with Blogger on my computer. Keeping my fingers crossed for you and Pablo. Just seen my friend's, a boy and a girl, and I so wish and hope you guys get that.
    Have a good long weekend,