Monday, August 29, 2011


Let me just make one thing clear:
ADOPTION IS A BEAUTIFUL, HAPPY THING! We’re having a baby! We are really, honestly excited about it!
Adoption is not, to us, a sad, last resort solution we resigned to after grieving the “better option”. It may have different challenges than the other way of making babies, but it also has its own riches.
So thanks a million to all of those who understand that and celebrate our decision with us! We know you may have done things differently, if you were in our shoes, and we appreciate that you can respect our vision for our own life! We all have lessons to take from you...
To the few others, I understand where you’re standing: this is not how you would have handled things. Maybe you would have tried the old baby-making sport a bit longer, maybe you would have chosen the medical path to your family, maybe you would have waited until you’re 35, maybe you would even prefer not having children to adopting. And that’s all fine and respectable. But try to keep this in mind: it’s US walking in our shoes, here! And adoption is a beautiful, happy thing in our eyes. Isn’t that all that really matters? You guys are also teaching me a lesson, in a way...

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