Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Note to Self

We’re only just getting started with the process. I know it will be long. I know there will be times when our hope supplies grow short. Sometimes, we’ll feel like the Universe is against us, or we’ll be convinced our government, Sri Lankan officials or anybody slowing the process down is actively trying to prevent us from getting our little one. I know there will be ups and downs, and a lot of tears (I am a cry baby, and proudly assume it).

So right here, in front of you all, I want to deliver a message for my future self:
Try to remember that all this heavy process is only there to protect the children. And never forget why you’re going through all this. This little creature who will one day call you Maman is certainly worth it all. Just keep your eyes on the goal and keep trucking!


  1. I am very proud of you belle belle-soeur, keep it up, and if you feel the wait is long, remember it is totally worth it!!! lots of love from the ecuador tribe. -g

  2. Thank you so much! It's awesome to know you've got our backs...
    Miss you all <3